Another use for a double kick pedal!


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A lot of people ask is a double kick pedal worth getting into? My answer is YES.. as even if you don't use it that much, it helps to be able to use your feet like your hands and also benefits your left hihat foot. They are of course fun to play as well!

So.. I pulled a leg muscle on my right-leg / kick-foot and was perplexed as I had a gig last Friday night.. and for 2 previous practices my right leg ached so much I had to stop playing several times. The night before the gig it occurred to me - double kick! If my right leg konks out.. I'll just switch to my left foot - problem solved! Fortunately by being careful I kept the pain to a minimum on gig night and didn't need to switch feet very much.. but it was great to know I had a backup plan in case things went south!

Also, the 'fun' part kicked in several times.. and small drum breaks soon turned into machine gun blasts of fury.. we were playing classic rock stuff; but it sure put a new spin on those old chestnuts!


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Another use for a double bass drum pedal? I could use it to stop the bin bag blowing away on re cycling day.


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Ha.. already got an IC.. great pedal. I switch between Tama and DW..

A long time ago I wasn't a fan of double kick either.. but when I was forced to get into it for a show band I was playing with.. it didn't take long to see the benefits. But I rarely play out with it now unless I have a really good reason.. and this case was one of those!