another potential craigslist find

i once missed out on a vintage ludwig kit on craiglist, but i may have found another.

the picture is terrible, it's small and the only one listed with the post. i've emailed asking for more/if i can come see them, but have yet to hear back. they mention in the ad they don't know the brand but 'believe it is Ludwig'.

so, if anyone is able to maybe make out if they are for sure ludwigs that'd be great because then i will do whatever i can to snatch these up.



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terribly small and low res picture. really difficult to see anything
its a 20 inch BD, as it has 8 lugs - looks to be a 12-14-20 kit
8 lug snare, maybe even aluminum?
no bottom head on the high tom
the bass drum spurs looks suspiciously extended and flimsy. Thus I woudl guess an non- US made kit of the I am 'guessing' its a MIJ copy. I don't know if MIj's did that kind of rail consollete though. Those kinda look like Slingerland lugs, but a crapshoot. Lots of MIJ copies copied the Slingerland (rather than the Ludwig) lug style.

the experts wil show up soon, but hard to say much with that pic

what price they are asking is how big a 'deal 'it is.

Ask the seller for more info, or to at least read the badges, if there are any.
it's the only picture and all the information i have to work with right now. i figured maybe someone with a keen eye would pick anything up out of it. the bass drum legs caught my eye as well as the hoops on the tom, look a little thick. that mounted tom appears to have a bottom head. has lugs at least. they are asking $65 'price negotiable', which is why i'd like to jump at them as soon as possible if i know they are ludwigs.

Hollywood Jim

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$65 ???

Yeah, go buy them. At the very least you can clean them up and sell them for $200.

Or use them for firewood.



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they are asking $65 'price negotiable', which is why i'd like to jump at them as soon as possible if i know they are ludwigs.
Oh....Well for that price I wouldn't be emailing seller looking for more info, I'd go down immediately and have a quick look. Its almost too good to be true that they are Luds for that low a price.
i am trying to go look at them, but email is the only way of contact right now and they have yet to respond. i gave them my cellphone number, but haven't heard anything on that end either. ohhh, the joy of craigslist....


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Impossible to tell from that pic.What I can say is,It's rare to find a Ludwig superclassic bass drum ,with the rail mount on top of the drum,they are mounted at the 11 o'clock or 1 O'clock position,but it could have been moved.Ludwig 20" bass drums did have 8 lugs per side though.

However,many Japanese 60's imports mounted the rail consolette on top of the bass drums,and used 8 lugs per side.

Unless the're really trashed,65 is a good deal for MIJ drums and a great deal for Ludwigs.

Steve B