Another Ludwig ID thread...


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I have this Ludwig bass drum I bought on ebay about 7 years ago. At the time, I was playing electronic drums exclusively and looking for inexpensive shells for an A-E conversion. This drum fit the bill, as the original lacquer finish was completely dried out and peeling, and coming off half the drum. It looked pretty rough...The hoops are OK, but they're just plain black (no inlay). So, I bought it and re-wrapped it to match the rest of my electronic kit. (I did not require any new holes for the conversion).

I am now playing acoustic and electronic (depending on venue) and have converted another set to electronic. I plan to take this Ludwig drum back to acoustic and possibly sell it. I am no Ludwig expert and would appreciate any input on what it is, exactly, that I have here. As I understand it, the size of the legs and the hole pattern for the mount (left side of first pic) may be clues. I think it had a keystone badge (I think I still have it around...I removed it for the wrap-job).

10 lugs
6 ply?
date range?
Approximate value in this condition?

Thanks for any info!




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definitely 6 ply, maple, post 1976 (pics of badges would be useful)

18" deep? or 16" (depth does not include hoops)
if 16" means likely dates between 1980 - 1990 ? as the bass drum spurs you have there changed after that

Better experts on here than me, but if you don't want to wait then study here


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Thank you! I am not at home right now, but I'll have to re-measure. It probably is 16" deep, now that I think about it...