Another is this a good buy beauty


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Found a used black beauty locally for $449 online... however when I add it to my shopping cart its actually $379! This is for a 5x14 black beauty with the keystone badge (does this mean it's A stock?). It seems to be in great condition. Being that the place is sort of local to my house I could inspect it in person before buying it.

I've been considering getting the 6.5x14 but this one seems pretty cheap and I already have a 6.5x14 supraphonic so won't that be overkill?


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$379 is a very good price for a BB. If it has a keystone badge, it is extremely unlikely it is B-Stock.

That said, my recommendation is to buy the equipment you really want, without compromise. Every time I've made a gear-compromise, I've always had this nagging notion in the back of my mind that I'll eventually upgrade, and it would have been better if I had just gotten the right thing in the first place.

I realize that this might not be realistic given everyone's circumstances.