Another "drum cases" thread?! SKB hardware cases


Hey all!

I've recently purchased a full set of SKB cases for my kit. After years of using their cymbal cases and a snare case, I decided I didn't want to move my old Ludwigs in anything but SKB anymore.

So with drum cases out of the way, that leaves hardware cases open for debate.

I would like to stick with SKB (love that lifetime warranty) unless I find a much better option elsewhere.

Here's what I want to put in the case

3 flat based cymbal stands
1 flat based snare stand
1 single braced hi hat stand
1 heavy duty snare stand
1 heavy duty throne base
Pork Pie round throne seat
stick bag
2 single bass drum pedals (main and backup)
cowbell/towel, small accessories that don't fit in stick bag/perhaps a practice pad

I want everything to be able to go in the case. The bag I've been using only fits my stands, and it became almost unusable after only a year of traveling with it... it's been on its last legs for a couple years now.

My options I'm looking at include:

SKB mid-size hardware case. Attractive price, but I have to disassemble my hi hat stand and I don't think my throne seat will fit in. (Any experience to the contrary?)

SKB Trap X1 - Price makes me cringe (but it's a lifetime buy at least), but I know I can fit EVERYTHING in there. I still have to disassemble my hi hat stand though.

Or finally, the SKB Large stand case.
Price is also scary, but it seems long enough and wide enough to put the throne seat in as well as leave my stands fully extended. I have no experience to confirm my guesses, so anyone who does I'd appreciate the input.

However, I've read that these aren't made as well as the other two, and I think that stand may be kind of overkill for my mostly flat base, light weight stands.

Opinions? Other options? Thanks y'all!


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I have the XL skb case. We call it " the coffin". It will fit a ton of hardware. All my stands, pedals, and throne fit broken down. I have old sofa fusion foam loose to keep things from rattling. I can take a picture of it if you want. It's rain proof and solid.

I bought the case second hand and the wheels broke. I sent it back to skb and they gave me a new one. I'm going on 6 years with the new case and its still going strong.

If you have a car it may be too big. I have a F150 truck and i lay it parallel to the tailgate.

With what hardware you described, it should all fit.

Let me know if you want pictures.


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I have been tossing around the idea of building my own gear case, and I actually consided building it up to look like a coffin. I drive a black SUV and It would be kinda cool rollin out a coffin and having the band carry it in like a coffin.


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I got one of the $300 SKB cases second hand for, like, $50. I used it twice for musicals when I had to haul all kinds of percussion instruments. I couldn't imagine using that thing on a regular basis for drum kit hardware. If you want a quality, easy-to-haul SKB hardware case, check out the SKB Freedom hardware case. You can leave your stands (including hi hat stand) mostly set up. As for me, I go lightweight and compact with my hardware...check out the link in my signature to the thread for my kit.


Thanks for the replies everyone, but I ended up going with the TrapX1 case. Found it on a good sale with free shipping, it's got room for everything for sure, and the lifetime warrnty is hard to beat.