Ankle weights?


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I don't really want more speed, just more control. I wonder if it helps with that. With my thin legs and ankles, Id be a little worried about weights, but like the idea of building up the muscles.


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Got that tip from Gene Hoglan when i met him at a metal festival and i was working on my double bass speed back then. Worked for me back then.
Yeah, but does Gene really know more about how to play fast than these guys that have never even tried it? :rolleyes:

This reminds me of the "going to the gym" thread where people said that lifting weights only makes you better at lifting weights and drumming is the only thing that makes you a better drummer. So, all the athletes including golfers, race car drivers, baseball players, tennis players, etc... were wasting all that time having weight lifting in their training regimen?? I mean, come on....

No one is suggesting that ankle weights alone will net you faster foot speed.


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i have a set of 1kg ankle weights that i use, i dont use them for speed training, i use them to build up my stamina and endurance, plus it helps my leg muscles out which dont get as much a workout as my arms do.


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Like I said people get hurt trying this crazy stuff. If you want to get better at anything practice anything. Anything is hard enough you don't need to make it harder.

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Ankle weights will stengthen your hip flexors and quads, not your calves very much. They would strenghten those muscles used in slow and mid-tempo double bass more than those used for 200+ BPM stuff.

If you want to strengthen your calves for fast double bass then seated calf raises for high reps would do it much more directly.

Be careful with this stuff, you must ease into it and also stretch and massage the areas thoroughly. Rushing it is just asking for plantar fascitiis.

These exercises are NOT for learning the motion. You must have proper motion burned into your muscle memory through hours of good repetitions. They will help to strengthen the areas which will help power and speed if you already know the motion.

As such they have limited use for the less experienced players.
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