Ankle pain after playing fast kicks

Pat Metal

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Recently I developed a problem with my technique (I guess), playing on fast speeds is causing pain in my right ankle (fast for me anyway). I've been practising that speed speed for about three weeks now and it only started to happen 5 days ago. I've only been playing for about 8 months and didn't have any lessons so I wanted to ask someone more experienced to see if there is anything wrong with my technique.

Sorry for no drum sound but I'm looking for a technique review not a musical one and it would take a fair amount of work to get it recorded and synced.

Thanks in advance.

Rock Salad

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My non expert opinion

your technique looks lovely. Maybe make sure you have no twisting or unnatural angles in your joints. It's probably something really simple like moving a stand or a pedal an inch or two so the motions are smooth and flexible.
Listen to your own body. Is it just fatigue or something else?
I had my pedals too narrow and had to separate them just a tiny bit because of the angle of my knees proved to be off and my knee would feel bad after a couple hours of hard playing.


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No one on the board are doctors so we can't give medical advice, so you may just want to get it looked at. You've only been playing for 8 months, so you are still at the beginning of your journey, so it may be that you're not getting the rest you need for your body to recover.

Where in you ankle is the pain, and are there any past injuries to that ankle? Again not medical advice, but the location of the pain could tell us what your doing, motion wise, to cause the pain.

Pat Metal

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Thanks for the replies, I don't think it's fatigue-related, it feels closer to a sprained ankle but not as severe.

Rock Salad's answer made me think about something, about a day or two before it started I turned my bass drum a few degrees to the right, closer to make V with my legs rather than having my right leg at 90 degrees as I did before, didn't change the position of my left leg and the problem is only with my right. It feels more comfortable but now looks like a likely cause, I will try moving it back as it was and will see whether that helps.