Angry sellers

I didn’t see a sold status on reverb, just a price drop from 3200 to 3000 that is open unless keeping the TAR mounts…that was the only thing ‘weird’consider that an upgrade!

Yea I haven’t sold. A good dude on Facebook really wanted them, we agreed on a price but he really wants me to hold them a few weeks. And I still may. But I hate dealing with people.

I’m not in a rush. I’ve listed them at multiple prices but I landed at 3100 to 3300 from what Guitar Center said they sell for (and another local shop)
A good dude on Facebook really wanted them, we agreed on a price but he really wants me to hold them a few weeks
Ugh, painful. I don't buy/sell much but I've gotten flakey interactions in the little I do. Well, good luck...maybe this thread will find a final buyer in the end, lol! That would be poetic

My last kit purchase, I had to wait 3 weeks for a response from the seller. I was starting to panic...they said they had an life event or something in the end so I tried to be understanding but the lack of communication was still stressful.

Recently & locally, someone was selling a cymbal I happened to want, what a great find!.... except they were selling their used gear at new prices. I told them their 'used' price was same as brand new (which was true), I asked 'what is your best price'? They claimed theirs was special because it was straight from the 'factory'....but, um they all come the factory at some point I thought. Then I asked what the weight in grams was as this model varies quite a bit. They said Zildjian doesn't, ok guess they don't have a scale or don't feel like it. I said thank you for your time but no thank you.
How's this for a description on eBay ...... TMI ?

"For sale- a Vintage Stainless Steel Ludwig Snare Drum as pictured. That was my opening line when I first listed this thing. Which immediately drew the ire of Ludwig drum fans everywhere. It was pointed out to me that the drum was aluminum by many, some who were nice about it and others that decidedly were not. And dutifully I went and took a closer look and clearly the body of the drum, the cylinder if you will is in fact aluminum. Sue me. I would argue that the part of the drum that you see most clearly other than the top head is the piece, top and bottom that secures the head in place and i would guess that is in fact stainless steel. I don't think you could stamp aluminum like that and not have it break and even if you could chrome plating aluminum is a fool's errand. I don't know anything about drums but i do know a few things about metal. Brass plates well but I don't think you could stamp it like that, it has to be machined and that doesn't look machined. So if you want to continue to argue metallurgy I am all in.
And part of the problem with that original listing was that shortly thereafter the fine folks at ebay suspended my ability to create or edit listings because I refused to sign on to their mandatory "Managed Payments" plan, which benefits no one other than ebay. I have since been shown the error of my ways when they ended all of my listings. So I could either end the listing or let it run as it was, with FAQ questions and answers piling up but of course nobody reads those. So here we are again. ebay now Manages My Payments. I feel so much better.
Back to the drum. It would have been purchased new in 1964 or 65. No earlier, no later although I can’t account for how long the music dealer might have had it in stock. I would have had this out to make noise with for no more than a couple of years and only sparingly at that. I was at best the next to worst drummer in the fighting Riverside Elementary School band, and I am guessing the guy that I thought might be worse than I was might have some issues with my ranking. Heads are both original, top one autographed by yours truly. String securing the snares is wearing through but that looks like it could easily be replaced.
I had a Zyldjian Cymbal up for sale but that has sold. I can’t remember whether band was offered first in the fourth grade or the fifth. But I can remember distinctly that I sucked. The snare was a Christmas present one year, the cymbal the following year with I guess the thought process being eventually I would have a whole set. But as I came to realize exactly how bad I was I lost interest in the whole project and secretly dropped out. When my mom found out she made me go back because after all they had spent all that money on a drum and a cymbal. Ungrateful kid! But at some point I finally was able to call my drumming career quits. That would have been no later than 1967.
So you’re talking about a snare that has only been hammered on sporadically by a 100 pound ten year old. By used drum standards I would guess that’s about as good as it gets. Serial number 211108 if that tells you anything. I have a stand for it but obviously that would complicate the shipping. If you want that too I will invoice you for it with an extra ten bucks added in to cover the additional shipping, but you have to ask (and pay) for it or all you are going to get is the drum. The stand I think is missing one of the three rubber feet. I also have the original case which is a lot the worse for wear, shown in the last picture. You can have the case at no extra charge BUT the size of the box required increases dramatically. At that point I would have to consult for a box 24x24x12, my zip to yours. You can look that up yourself but it won’t be cheap, so please, you need to really want the case which is not in great shape or the shipping cost will blow the deal out of the water.
The drum is roughly 14" in diameter and i measure the ALUMINUM side at 5 5/8" high. What you see is what you get. Please check out my other listings for more musical equipment, including the Zildjian Cymbal. Check back often!
Sold as is, as described, as pictured. Potential buyers are asked to please make sure you have read the listing carefully, and understand what you are buying. Ebay’s condition codes for used items, which I am required to choose from, might imply a degree of functionality that my limited time, knowledge, and facilities do not allow me to ascertain. If the functional condition of the piece is known it will be stated in the listing. Unless a warranty is specifically offered returns are not accepted regardless of any implied functionality.
Payment is expected within 7 days of the sale and I need to hear from you within 3 days to confirm the transaction. Please add $18.99 for shipping (just the drum) anywhere in the continental US. International shipments plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico ship based on whatever cost is determined by"
If it's got no food, sweat, coffee or beer stains on it - it's STAINLESS.
On a Positive note.. My Original buyer came through and Im selling the kit for my asking price in just 7 days after listing it.... My local independent drum shop doesn't sell most of his high end drums that quick.

So much for my "odd ball Sonor" kit being a valueless Piece of trash.
I guess the thread was about this set?

I guess the thread was about this set?

Cool, sold the kit. Wow, only $1800 on the initial kit...that was a steal. It must have been expensive from Sonor on the add ons to bring it beyond $5000, does every custom order from them turn into SQ2 price zone?
Good call! We need a willing volunteer to create a sister thread, marinated in 100% utter embarrassment…purely for entertainment purposes of course!😂
How awesome would that be if they belong here also?! A post shows up on this thread:

"So I'm the guy who over paid..."
Cool, sold the kit. Wow, only $1800 on the initial kit...that was a steal. It must have been expensive from Sonor on the add ons to bring it beyond $5000, does every custom order from them turn into SQ2 price zone?

Unfortunately… due to an issue, I returned the initial kit, because they didn’t have The 12” tom (they had a black one instead) and I would have to wait a long while for one to be shipped order. So I returned (kept the 8” tom) and rebought the same kit from Cymbal fusion for 2600 (which is the going rate for SQ1, how DCP sold a few kits like at loss, im kit sure ) 18” floor tom was a 1000, 8” tom was 300-500, 10” tom was 560 .. 3 TAR mounts were over 300.

Comes out about 5000, a little over with taxes.

SQ1 is the cheapest of the high end non custom kits at 2700… add on drums start at 550 for an 8”… all the way to 1000 for an 18”… the kick’s are even more.

But an SQ2 in this size and config is likely two grand more
I could have the kit at 1800 had I been patient. But knowing what I know now about how long it takes Sonor to produce. It was 13 months of patience vs 800 bucks… I chose 800 bucks more
I did my best to make this sale because the buyer has always dreamed of owning a Sonor Kit. He has 14 kits and 200 Paiste Cymbals... So we worked out a deal for $2000 Cash.

And then Im getting a Paiste Master's 21 Medium Ride, Paiste Masters 18" Crash, Paiste Dark Energy Crash and Pair of 15" Paiste Traditional Hi Hats...... All in mint condition.
13 months is ridiculous. I'm reading long wait times on the forum for other custom orders as well, I guess it is not rare then.