Angel Drums in legal battle

Hey guys, hope all is well.
I have got an Ash snare from the company and it is absolutely beautiful.
Then this happened:

Dear Friends and Followers of Angel Drums!

My name is Zoltan Angyal, the founder and chief craftsman of Angel Drums, the company that proudly bears my name and has come to represent quality and innovation to drummers around the world (Angyal is Hungarian for Angel).

Today I want to set the record straight regarding the current situation at Angel Drums. Most importantly, let me state that my partners and I separated on unfriendly terms on May 23, 2017. Any drum made since that date was not made by me or under my guidance. Furthermore, all marketing material, websites, and social media regarding Angel Drums is no longer under my control. Every Angel Drum coming out of the workshop, and any information about Angel Drums that you are seeing, is being produced without my blessing or involvement. All financial benefits from Angel Drums are currently going to the men who have taken my company and my name away from me.

Let's be very clear: Without me, there would be no Angel Drums. As is widely known, I am the craftsman and inventor behind our world-renowned products. Angel Drums shell design, hardware design, and hoop design are my work. Nobody denies that.

Since I cannot speak languages, I let my instruments and superior craftsmanship speak on my behalf. I have poured my life's energy and experience into Angel Drums. My instruments are the direct result of everything I learned as a woodworker, musician, quality assurance and logistics expert, instrument repairman, and father.

How did we end up in this situation? Suffice it to say that I was too trustworthy when choosing my business partners. I worked with these men for their administrative, marketing, and communications know-how. Our partnership allowed me to focus on the workshop and on innovation. My partners clearly contributed to the success of Angel Drums by helping open doors to the press and other international outlets. Nevertheless, my former partners proved to be men of questionable ethics who abused my trust and finally pushed me out of my own workshop, off my own websites, and out of all financial gain. Even during our best days they kept me in the dark regarding financial matters and regularly deceived me regarding expenses and income. Whenever I pushed for further investment in machinery or safety equipment, they made excuses and told lies. Now they have taken my inventory of wood, my equipment, my workers and are making drums that I cannot accept as my own. Until I reclaim control of the company, anyone buying from Angel Drums should be aware that they may be purchasing what is essentially counterfeit product, not made by me or under my guidance (if manufactured after May 23, 2017).

Hopefully the day will soon come when I regain control, but the future is not clear. I am embroiled in ugly legal and personal battles with my former partners. One of them has even threatened me and my loved ones with physical and material harm. In fact, just last week he assaulted me with his automobile in front of my own property (I have reported this act to the appropriate Hungarian authorities).

I have not given up on Angel Drums, nor do I plan on giving up. I ask your patience as I make every attempt regain control and put my company back on the path to sustainable success.

I will be glad to answer any questions or provide additional information. I will do my best to reply promptly, but I ask for your patience in advance since I can only respond with help from my friends who have volunteered to act as translators.

Kind Regards,
Zoltan Angyal
Angel Drums, founder, original owner, chief craftsman and inventor

Such a shame to be honest!!!
Luckily my drum was one of the last produced by THE man.
Hoping it works out for him.