And we fizzled out....


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The band I'm in. Fizzled. POOF!

We've only had 1 rehearsal since early December and a week ago tried to get together again but failed. I think we're nothing more than a once-a-month fun time jam band. Maybe the occasional backyard BBQ birthday party band. Or not.

I just deleted our FB page since I really have nothing to put on it, no pics, no vids, nada. Kind of embarrassing actually.

So I'm looking. Again....

Thanks for letting me cry. lol


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Sorry to hear Rogue.

Another band will be along in a short while, needing your services. This is especially true if you start it.

Matt Bo Eder

Bummer. Perhaps this is a sign that there's something else trying to get your attention?


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This is actually good news. There's nothing worse than working hard on something that's not giving back. Best to recognise it quickly & move on :)