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So my band has been a four-piece for the last 2 or so years.

The last 8 months have been tough on us- all external factors playing their part, families work etc....

One of our guitarist's is going through a major family crisis at the moment and the band stopped for a while to give everyone involved a little 'away' time and just get a little perspective etc.

Now the 3 of us (sans the guitartist) have begun to meet again and get back into the swing of playing together and generally enjoy each other's company while making music.

The guitarist has not offically left the band or been asked to but the rest of us are planing on moving ahead with or without him.

The guitarist's particular issues are not going to go away anytime soon and we highly doubt the band we will be on the high side of his priority list, so I come on here today fellow musican Brother's and Sisters to ask for any advise you can give me/us on moving on as a 3-piece?

What are the thngs we should be aware of? Areas we must improve or adjust?

I'm speaking from an sonic standpoint- I understand the 3 of us will need to adapt the way we play to 'cover' the whole left by the missing guitar.

So I was hoping some of you out there had some experience in this area- as yet again, my small-town band ventures into the unknown with yet 1 less member to enjoy the ride!!


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I think you and your band are on the right path. You move on while searching for another guitar player and continue to grow as musicians.


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What are the 3 pieces that are left?

It's hard to answer the question without knowing what the current line up is, or what style of music you're doing.


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Sorry Drumeatdrum- I wrote my op as if everyone knew exactly what I was talking about.

The peices that are left are drums, bass and 1 guitar- both of them sing and I back up vocals- so vocally we are fine- its the music side of things I think we need some pointers

The band is made up of British guys living in the US. We play covers of British Rock and Roll- the usual Stones, Beatles, Smiths, Oasis.

Every member of the band is or has been British- so we wont go out to get another guitarist because our thing is only having British guys in the band. (We all need an angle or marketing idea..right?)

So its just 3 guys drums, bass and axe with straight forward rock

Bo Eder

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Why couldn't you do it with three guys? Jimi Hendrix, Rush, The Police....and a bunch of others have done it as a three piece. Perhaps you guys should carry on as a 3-piece and when your fourth member can make it back, it'll just sound thicker. Good luck!


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