And the winner is.....


I've been mulling over what my second kit will be was considering the DW frequent flyer & the Ludwig Neusonics,...and the winner is,..

The Tama superstar classic!

I know, it wasn't in the top two,..but I had been considering the SSC's as well, local drum guy has his ands on all brands day after day said the other kits were nice, but he swears this is the best bang for the buck on the market, I have imperialstars and I'm happy with build quality & sound and the 7piece he had on display seems to built like a tank....ill post pics when they arrive


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Saw NDV do a review of this kit on Sweetwater, lot of bang for the buck.

Tamas have been built like tanks since year dot.

I had an 80s Superstar and miss it a lot, great gigging kit but weighed a tonne. Built to last. I like how the tom holder on the new Superstars is exactly the same as the old Superstar.

Enjoy dude, I wouldn't be gigging the full 7 piece but you can make some cool shell combos with all those toms :)


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The Tama SS are nice kits. I've seen a new set in person and to be honest, the drums look built just as nice as higher end drums. The manufacturing processes are so much better now.