And another opportunity pops up....

Bo Eder

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Hey all,

For those of you who may have been following, my Disney gig has begun to roll along and I'm looking forward to attending my first real rehearsal (although the rest of the cast has been rehearsing for at least a week now). My management folks have been trying to figure out how I'll get to hold down two jobs at once in the same company. So that's exciting, but it's happening. They gave me music to read and some music to listen to and it's great stuff. This show should kick off in late May if I read my rehearsal schedule (all 9 pages of it) correctly.

However, another opportunity has come up and I'm almost hoping I had more time to pursue this one. Over the last five years I've reconnected with some drum corps folks and did some photographing and some playing during the summer of 2009 (if any of you were in CA going to drum corps shows and you saw the Kingsmen organization with a lone drumset player on the field, that was me (only because they couldn't attract a drumline). But now I'm told there's a new concept (well, not really new) in drum corps music where they'd pick some of their best brass players, add a drum set guy and perform on stage and play for alot longer than 12 minutes. Like doing actual music concerts.

I joked if they'd add a bass player and piano player, and maybe substituted trombones for low G bugles, and Bb trumpets for G sopranos, and maybe have saxes in the front, it'd be just like big band jazz....

So, wow, a friend asks if I'd be interested in helping them out for some rehearsals first and now I'm thinking I might want to actually do it, just because it's jazz-influenced brass music (I'm told they're doing classic stuff by Chicago, Tower of Power, Maynard Ferguson....gee, who didn't want to play stuff like that when we were younger?). It would be for an old organization, the Freelancers from Sacramento, and I always loved them on the field. And I was so intrigued by it that even if they had a regular guy, I'll help out if they need someone to play for a rehearsal that their main guy couldn't make, but it's funny how I react when confronted with something I know I'll love, as opposed to getting a high-paying gig that could last for years.

I'm seriously hoping I could make this happen - it would be über-cool. You know you're in love with something when you're willing to do it with no money involved. Or maybe this is just my age talking....


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Wow, Bo, that's GREAT! The whole jazzy-brass group sounds like it could be a really cool thing to hear. I can relate to being willing to do something for nothing just because you love it. Sometimes there's those situations where the gig/show is almost too much fun to accept any form of payment, ya know? :) Goodluck and I hope everything works out for you.