An Update: Pearl, Vintage Ludwig, And My Home-Built Set


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Hello everyone. Been a good while since I've posted any pictures. Life is keeping me quite busy, but today I found the time to devote almost an entire day to drums. I started out just planning on cleaning the drum room, but when I got into it I decided I may as well take some pictures, which quickly turned into pictures for insurance purposes (a good idea for anyone with a reasonable amount of money invested in their drums).

Amidst all the chaos, I ended up changing around the configuation of the room so that with a small bit of movement of my throne, I can play any of 3 sets at the same time, as seen below.

So please, enjoy, and comment!


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Crusto 62

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Hey somedrummer, nice set up, you could jam with two other drummers and really drive the neighbours crazy. I would love to come over and check out your gear. looks like alot of fun. Rock on .


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You have an incredible amount of cymbals. Amazing.


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...and yet another person to envy ;-)

nice drum room and even nicer drums - how could you ever leave this haven?!
Sorry to be an annoyance, but I gotta ask for specs, especially for that extensive cymbal collection!

Tom Sawyer

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What on earth is that...You are certainly not the less is more type.
Impressive collection, you have an almost infinite selection of pieces to build cool setups, it must be like playing with Legos!


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Man that is like a playground for drummers! You can go from neil peart/ian paice to vintage ludwig to being a jazz drummer just by turning around. And you have enough to cymbals for all of the kits at once. You're right about right about the insurance purposes cause i really want to take one of your kits.


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The possibilities! I dunno what I would jump to first, the meg-kit, the elegant, simplified beautiful 4-piece? The always fun in between, awesome!


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Thanks all for the compliments. It is really a blast, and I'm down to have anyone who wants to come over and play over... as long as you don't leave with more than you came with.

Specs... ahhh specs...

Vintage Fade Pearl Sessions:

12x9 (2)

Mid 60's Blue Sparkle Ludwigs:


Custom-Home Built Bop Set (Champagne Sparkle)

16x16 bd.
12x5 sn.

Sets not seen in pics:

1958 Slingerland WMP (For Sale, if anyone is interested PM me)


~1955 Slingerland WMP (needs work, hoping to fix it up with the money from the above set)


60's Ludwig Champage Sparkle



14x5 60's Supraphonic
14x6.5 Pearl Sensitone Brass
14x5 50's Student Model Slingerland BDP



22" K Ride
21" A Rock Ride
20" K Constantinople with 2 rivets (sweeet!)
20" Paiste Traditionals Light Flat Ride
20" Dream Crash/Ride
20" Saluda Hybrid X Jazz Ride


19" Vintage A Zildjian with 3 rivets
18" Dream Crash/Ride
18" K Dark Crash Thin
17" K Custom Special Dry Crash
17" Saluda Diamond Crash (Vented)
14" AAX Studio Crash
14" A Custom Fast Crash

Hi Hats:

14" K Top/Special Dry Bottom
14" AAX Studio Hats
14" New Beats
13" Paiste Dimensions Light Hats


19" Paragon Chinese
12" Saluda Splash
10" Saluda Splash
8" Saluda Splash
(2) 8" A Paper Thin Splashes

And that's about it... Theres' some cowbells too.

Just got 3 of the 4 shells to my next project: A matching Bop kit to the little compact one I already made, but in more traditional sizes of 18x14, 14x14, 12x7, and a matching 14" snare.


This is fantastic, im glad to see more pics of your home made set as well. I would love to spend some time in that room!

The bop kit sounds really exciting - be sure to keep us up to date!


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Sweet, I too would just have to move a fridge and microwave in there and never leave. That is awesome. You have about the same number of cymbals that I do too, How do you like the K thin crash? I just bought one, waiting for it to get here.


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Thanks again all. Just spent my Christmas (Overtime) Paycheck on the wrap, BD hoops, lugs, and some other parts for the new bop set. Cant wait for it to get here so I can start assembling!

Drumsword: The K Dark Thin Crash is great... I think once it mellows with age it will be even better... not to say that it doesn't sound really great now. It is a great cymbal.

Edit: Almost immediately after I hit submit on this reply, the share shell and the lugs for the toms and bass got here. I'm so excited!