an original recording


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hey guys, one of my bands went into the studio yesterday and here's what we recorded:

I purposely kept the drums quite underplayed through out the whole song - my drum teacher did pre pro with this song and just told me to lay it back.

we did one 10 hour session at a studio called The Brain in sydney, and i think it turned out great.

Thoughts? comments? critisims?

by the way here's a picture of my kit at the studio:


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Hey Thomas, it sounds great! Notwithstanding search bots I'm surprised you've had 33 views and no replies. Good song, good singing, good playing, good arrangement.

Your drumming is rock solid and feels great. Killer fill later in the song. Would have liked a few more tops on the drums with the EQ but no doubt mastering would fix that up.

Hope you guys go well. Where abouts are you guys playing?


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Hope you guys go well. Where abouts are you guys playing?
only gig we have booked at the moment (sadly) is on the 4th of feburary (day after my 20th) at the claredon hotel up in windsor.

one of our guitarists left so we're sorting out a new one with all the songs, after that we're planning to book another session at the brain again and release a 2 song single, probably play up and down the east coast.

also thank you very much for the kind words :)

i'm still planning to dub over some tambourine, or other percussion in the last chorus.


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Hey Thomas,

I've tried to get to your soundcloud app, but I'm on my old computer (new one's just died), & it freezes every time I try. I'll get to it once my new computer's returned. Sorry mate :(

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I think it sounds great. I listened enthusiastically to the whole thing. Good example of playing for the song because your drumming fit in perfectly and the guitar break was pretty cool too. I was hoping to hear some fills in there and it was nice to finally hear at the end of the break.