An Oddservation.


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I don't know why but the more that I am getting into recording, the better my drumming has become.

Thing is I have yet to digitize my first quarter note.

Since I started jammin with the work folk, I have been working on putting together and learning how to use the gear required to mix and record a good live sound. I have been doing research on mikes, mixers, interfaces, fire wire recorder/mixers, and other sound reinforcing jiggery pokery. I am slowly building a collection of such gear, but I have only given it a very rough going over.

I do not know why it is, but since I started meandering down this path, my drumming began to improve. It could be coincidence, or maybe using my brain again to learn a new thing has kicked open the creativity valve, and my newly percieved grooviness is the result of a little spillage. Maybe maybe, PA/recording gear is the gearaholic equivalent of switching from crack to meth. Regardless of the why, I am greatfull for it, and will not dwell lest I kill it by over maybeing.

Thank you for your time.