An Interesting Evening


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Good stuff. I was going to ask. How was the stage sound? Bring on the goss!
Stage sound was the best I've ever had, despite the monitors looking worse-for-wear and being held up on beercrates!

The venue was only small but we managed to muster around seventy or eighty of our own troops to come and see us. I felt sorry for the other bands because everyone went to the bar after our set and didn't see anyone else but I made an extra effort to see the last band who were a group of youngsters that were very pleasant.

Not sure about the fallout (as in, good fallout) but the playing was good and the audience lapped it up. We had to bring out an extra song that we didn't think was 'ready' - by popular demand - and it turned out it was ready. So extra positive points there.

Right now I'm just too tired to think about it. It was good.

Anon La Ply

Thanks Duncan. Being a selfish sod I find that a good stage sound makes or breaks a gig as much as the audience. That's a good size rent-a-crowd you mustered!