An idea for practicing to a click.


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Hi all,

I don't drop by much any more but try to visit whenever I can. Hope you are all well.

I have recently thought of an idea to help practising to a click. I think it has helped me to be able to groove off of the click rather than be a slave to it.

What I do is set a song tempo for one of our tunes. I then play each part (limb) one at a time. So say I will do soft eighth notes on just the hi-hat with my right hand. Then I will play the bass drum pattern I play for that song on it's own to the click, then the snare part on it's on after and so on and so forth. I play each of these parts for about 5 minutes. I sometimes increase the volume and hit a bit harder about halfway through. Then I play the song as I would live for a further 10 minutes. I find that by focusing on just one limb at a time with the click enables me to gain better control over that limb rather than just playing a rigid pattern to the click. I find it important to be able to do this as overall it will help your grip stay loose and also the music, even though you have a click to play to.

I hope I have made sense and this maybe helps someone!