An actual artist's sticks.


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I bought a brick of Vic Firth 55As on eBay. The seller said they were a Vic Firth artist's who was clearing out their inventory. They have a signature on them that i can't make out. I don't want to post a picture because I don't want the artist to get in trouble for selling something he probably got for free. The interesting thing is that all 24 sticks weigh exactly the same. They seemed very consistent, so I pulled out the kitchen scale and each stick weighed 61 grams. It must be a perk of being an endorser that not only can you get the model you like, but the weight you like as well.


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Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the sale, the artist advertised them for sale on Ebay, a site which gets a shedload of visitors.

Once the sticks have been sold on Ebay, there really is no point in worrying about protecting the seller's privacy!


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Although only a Yank could come up with that so quickly and so earnestly. :)

Sad, but so true. lol

In a purely practical sense, though, I'm with JustJames. They've already been on eBay. They've been seen by way more people than will see them here!


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This is the signature. I have no idea whose it is.


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While I can't comment on how Vic Firth's endorsement contracts work I can tell what I believe is standard practice based on my experience as an endorsing artist for many companies.

-As an artist endorsing a particular brand you are not allowed to re-sell product you got through your endorsement while still under contract. Doesn't matter if you paid for it, or got it for free.

-If you wish to sell product, such as an artist selling their signature sticks on their website, or as part of their bands merchandise, you must obtain a reseller license. Equivalent to you becoming a dealer for said company.
Any product you are going to sell must be separate orders from your personal endorsement orders.

-Endorsing a particular brand does sometimes include some perks as to specifics on the items you get. When I want new cymbals form Paiste I get to go to their office and hand select them. When I order drumsticks, I specify that I want the heaviest pairs they have in stock to fill my order. Some artists are more picky and can/have gotten down to the exact gram. Saying "I want them all to be .60 grams" or whatever, but I'm not as picky. I just want them all to be heavy weight.