Amplifier Settings For Electronic Drums


I've a roland electric kit and an amp that comes with a mixer.

Anyone got any ideas how to set the optimal setting for a electronic drum kit? I did basic sound study at school under physics to know enough that high freqs are sharp and loud like crash cymbals, and low frequencies for something like the bass drum. Would there be any interference between the two channels if i set both to max range?


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That is the same as turning them both all the way down, it would be flat.

I would say you will have to experiment in the room you are playing in. If you move your kit to another room or venue the settings from the last may not work.

Just trust your ears and play with it. I would start flat in the middle then turn up or down from there.

If you are playing out live I would have a band mate play so you can stand back and listen. Then you can hear what the audience will here.