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I'm thinking of going over to America (CA) for a year (or geting an around the world ticket) and I want to hear people's opinion about it? The food, country, people there, pros and cons, etc? I am currently in the UK. I don't want to start an arguement! Some internet users on other sites seem to just want arguement. I want to keep DrummerWorld a peaceful place.

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Coming from an American, the food is garbage though tasty; just a fat and salt delivery method for the most part. We have some stunning geography and parks/wilderness. Most places the people are nice. Never insult guns or bacon and you'll likely make it alive.


You can easily find all the info you will need by searching the net. How much more do you want to know? If you know too much than the experience will not be as memorable. We have great food from every single country in the world, it's not just a land of Mickey D's, taco bells, and KFC's. Unless that's what you want. other than that the people are like most people the world over, some good, some bad, and alot of in between.

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Thanks very much Liam :) Much appreciated. What's the best known state for music? Nashville keeps popping up (songwriters, why?). Do you know what California's like?


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Thanks for the responses! :) Are there any differences in different states?

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The Us is very multi-cultural, there are many difference type of foreign influenced food. Most typical american food, like the 2nd poster said, is general very salty and fatty: good for the taste buds, bad for the heart.

And, Yes! big differences in between states. Accent, demeanor, slang, it can all change from drastically from coast to coast, and that what I love about it so much. Search on the internet for the "You know your from New York when..." and "You know your from Texas when..." etc pages, and you'll get an exaggerated picture of the differences between states.

Everyone I know here, is completely enthralled with people from other countries. You shouldn't have a problem anywhere you go. California is very beautiful and the people are very nice, but its expensive, crowded, and even more touristy compared to the rest of the country.

I'd say Nashville, New York, LA, and Austin are the major musical hubs.

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LOL at keep it simple

Thanks you very much wsabol... It seems that NY and Nashville are now more inviting when you say CA is more touristy.


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I've heard the girls over there like British accents, you should be fine :p



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California is only "touristy" if that's all you come here to see and do. I love it here, and I've done my best to stay away from all the tourist crap ... for some 45+ years.​
The weather is great ... the beaches are some of the best in the US ... and ... songs have been written about "California" girls ...​

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I don't want the touristy rubbish, that's partly why I want to get away. True about the CA songs. There are so many. I might have a look around when I have enough money to go over and visit a few potential sates to stay in and get the feel of things.


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Blues and Jazz - Chicago
Country - Nashville and Branson, Missouri
Rock / Punk / New York
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame - Cleveland
Funk - Ohio (but not in a centralised's in the water)
Blues and Outlaw Country - Austin, Texas
Bluegrass - Kentucky / North Carolina Mountains
Tejano / Cumbia - Texas / California (Latino via Mexico and Central America)
Rock and Metal are everywhere.
Cajun / Zydeco / Jazz - New Orleans
Salsa / Merengue - Miami, New York (Latino via Puerto Rico and Cuba)

most of these cities are thousands of miles apart. if you want to stick to a two or three state area, California / Texas / and Las Vegas (gambling, sin, show room type lounge and comedians) might be interesting.
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As for food, You'll find there is a lot of fast food "restaurants" but there are some actual proper restaurants with food from all around the world to take your pick. I'm sure there are English restaurants/pubs that serve "British food" if you get homesick.
never mind the english pubs/restaraunts, what we want is CHIPPIES!!! lol.

Seriously though mate, it's a scary thing to do but i'm sure it'll be worth it. At least everyone speaks the same language. I would love to spend a year in the states but I don't think I will ever have the guts to leave home.