Ambassador coated vs controlled sound black dot


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Been playing Remo Ambassador Coated over Ambassador clears for.. well.. just about all my life.

Recently refurbed a 70s slingy and decided to go Emperor Coated on top. Not really digging on the sound. Made the toms to dead.

Thinking of doing the CS black dot for the cool vintage vibe. But curious as to how that'll sound as opposed to going back to my typical Ambassador coated.

Before I drop 100 or so. Any got some insight?


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I find the black dots a unique or acquired taste. They will give a more pronounced attack that can sound plastic-y to some, but they also tend to give a round tone underneath that. I like them, and I think they sound good from the audience side, especially unmiked. However, I know a number of people who *don't* like them.

Kinda like Scotch Whisky, it's a polarizing thing. lol


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I like the Black Dots for a certain thing-- I have one on my bass drum right now. It hasn't been a popular sound for a long time-- there's a little bit of that Phil Collins concert tom thing happening, even on regular drums. Or maybe Billy Cobham.

It's a live, aggressive, not real pretty sound. In comparison, Coated Ambassadors are more of a warmish pure tone, Emperors or Pinstripes are more of that 80s thuddy studio sound.


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Thank you both for the insight.

Now thinking about it, I should have been using the cs for my 70s luddy with Bonham sizes for all the heavy metal I was playing in my 20s.

Anyway, I do think the would sound good on the slingys also. Ambassador coated will always be my fall back because I know that sound. So I might as well live a little!

Bo Eder

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You’ll get more “boing” with black dots. If you just wanted to thicken up your sound some, instead of regular emperors, why not try vintage ambassadors? I think those are two plies, but one is thinner than the other, so it’s like an emperor but a little less.

powerstroke 3 could work too, since that’s just an ambassador with a built in ring.


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I have them on my Gretsch and they gave me that 70's Black Sabbath drum sound.
I dig it a lot and they pulled me away from Evans because they don't have a CS dot equivalent.