Amazon drum head pricing...


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As an avid Amazon Prime junkie, I have to say, their pricing on drumheads can be fickle, to say the least (downright "weird" might be a better description). I realize that, in today's internet retail environment, prices can change hourly, or maybe even by the minute. I wonder if I, as a loyal Prime customer, may even be seeing a different price at a given moment than what someone else is seeing. In any event, the point of my post is:

There can be some KILLER deals on Amazon if your willing to check in every so often and browse your favorite heads!

A few case-in-point examples:
1. On Monday, I was looking for a new reso head for my 24" bass. Because I had re-wrapped it in a white pearl wrap, I wanted a white reso to replace the Fibreskyn I had on there. I saw a white Remo Ambassador Suede for $16 and an Aquarian Classic Clear (although the desription in the ad said gloss white) for $21 (we're talking 24" bass heads here, folks!). I opted for the Aquarian -- it arrived today. Exactly what I wanted, a 10 mil single ply gloss white. Today, just for kicks, I looked for the same thing...the Aquarian is no longer available and the SAME Remo head is $45!

2. The aforementioned Remo Fibreskyn (which I'm replacing). It's actually a Powerstroke 3 Fibreskyn. I scored it for $19 a few months ago. It's still available for that price,but here's the catch: in the description,it's listed as a "Fibreskyn Powerstroke3 Diplomat," BUT, in the description, it says it is an Ambassador 10-mil head. It was that way when I ordered it, too, and it was, in fact, the 10mil Powerstroke 3 Fibrskyn I wanted.

3. I picked up a tom-pack (12,13,16) of Evans G12's for $28. Typical price is $38-42.

The point is, if you're willing to put in a little "leg-work," there's some good deals out there. However, you're better off searching for heads you like on a routine basis rather than going in at the last minute (i.e. I need new heads for this Saturday's gig). All of the heads I've ordered on Amazon have been in good shape. Some have questioned the packagaing -- today's Aquarian arrived in the basic Aquarian cardboard you'd see in a music store and nothing else -- but I have not had any problems (I've probably bought 15-20 heads on Amazon to date). I just wanted to share this with those trying to save a little coin and to generate discussion of other people's experiences.


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I'm not an Amazon Prime user but I've noticed the same thing.

I needed new heads for a vintage Slingerland marching bass drum I recently bought, I got an Aquarian Impact 1 for $20 (listed at $42 now) and an Aquarian Force 1 for $15 (listed at $68 now) through Amazon.

Buying heads for a 26 inch kick drum should have cost me close to $100, I'm keeping my eye on Amazon from now on!!


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Do be careful on the shipping. I've had heads that had been damaged in shipping on two different occasions. In each case it was Amazon trying to squeeze heads into boxes that were not the right size. In one case 2 14" Aquarian NO heads were bent almost to a 45 degree angle and the Hi Performance under it was mangled as well. On the second occasion the lightest, snare side heads, were bent to the point where they were unuseable. It's a real pain to ship heads back in boxes that you provide not to mention the time it takes to carry the boxes down to UPS and then wait for the replacements hoping like h3ll that they are in one piece.. The boxes that Amazon uses are not designed for 14" heads. It may be different on the other sizes. I just wait for music123 or Casio to throw a sale. They're instrument retailers and they know how to ship musical instruments.