Amazing - 11 yr.old Drummer Girl - Kanade Sato

Reg Dewitt

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One consequence of having a role in the tv show Musica Piccolino is Kanade is probably the only drummer in the world who is portrayed by an anime character


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Reminds me of the Tiger Woods era in golf. Earl created Tiger. Then IMG in Florida starts to sorta replicate process of creating professional golfers from child material, and a lot of Asian (Korean, Japanese, etc.) families start to send their kids to IMG in hopes of making in on tour. There was a famous pair of Korean sisters (twins) that came ourt of IMG. Not sure what happened to them if they flamed out or not. My son spent 4 weeks there one summer when he was 16 years old working on his golf game. He's a pro now. But I'm not sure what happened to all the full-time players that lived there for years. How many flamed out.


It used to be keys and strings now they are doing pop instruments, in that context its no big deal, she would be choice, still cant deny it to see a youngster playing Bonham triplets that, fast in the groove is crazy good.

Reg Dewitt

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Here's a recent solo by Kanade. She turned 18 a few months ago. She's going to be graduating from high school early in the Spring, and it will be interesting to see where her career goes after that.

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