Am I the only one bothered by this?


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If you had Axis pedals you could use their "dock" device that allows you to center the beaters on their double pedals and single pedals. For double pedals it moves both beaters to the right so they are both equally off the center of the drum.


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i'm pretty sure its for 2 reasons. the shaft of the beater would hit the chain or strap, allowing you to use any size of bass drum without ruining the shafter of the beater. so you don't have to cut a beater's bar. also, to keep your legs in a certain position. without spreading them as far. better for your back, n pelvis. closer legs then mean tighter tom set up too, so more speed. you can use 2 kick drums as well. with the left pedal, you'd swap the side of the beater. like a left handed drummer would.