Am I crazy?


So I have a Yamaha absolute with birch toms and maple bass drum in cherry red with the regular absolute lugs. Great condition and I'm pretty happy with it. Lately though I've had the itch to sell it and get some Hybrid maples in polar white.
I still like the sound of my drums...although I think the Hybrid maples might have a more versatile sound. I usually tune fairly low for a punchy tone but if I ever want to tune higher for a more jazz sound I think the Hybrid maples may do that better. Also I think I've grown out of the look of the cherry red finish. That polar white finish with those hook lugs just looks so cool to me.
What do you guys think ? Am I gonna regret selling my discontinue Yamahas? Anyone have first hand experience with the Hybrid maples?
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I'd keep the Absolute birch and buy something like some Mapex Saturns as a 2nd setup. Probably cheaper doing that than covering the difference between what you get for the Absolute Birch and what you pay for the Abslute Hybrid maple setup.


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Right now, you will NOT get what you want out of drums. There's a guy who has had his maple absolutes for sale on CL for a couple of years, and they have not budged. It's a buyer's market right now.

Like the previous posted states, I would look into getting something else in addition to what you have. I'm not familiar with wenge, but I'll tell you what, if I was going to get a second kit at this point at a decent price, I'd be giving the Mapex Armory a good, hard look. Maple/Birch combo shells with the Soniclear edges are awesome.


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Yeah I've seen a guy around my local CL area that has been trying to sell a set of MCAs for at least 6 months or more. I'm no good to recommend anything that sounds like the Hybrid Maples, cause I've never really heard them in person, but I'm just attesting to the fact that it is definitely a buyer's market right now.

Heck, I just picked up a 4pc Starclassic B/B for $650 last week, and the guy was originally asking $1200 for them.


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Keep the kit you have. It is a quality kit. Save your money and buy the Absolute Hybrid when you can afford it.


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Sounds to me that you're just looking for another kit for a change. Nothing wrong with that. Been there. Change is fun. If you change for that reason, go for it but know that you won't be getting a better sounding kit. It isn't an upgrade.

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I think if you want a new kit you should get it. If you are trying to hone in on what you want/like from a kit, from it's sound to it's look then do it. I personally wouldn't worry about what it's "worth" unless you are collecting kits and don't play them. :)


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Ok you guys have calmed me down. Ill stick with what I've got...for now...
Ha ha - I get buzzed up like that sometimes too.

Putting it out here for input will usually either get you a reality check, or a go all out response.

Only you know if you would regret selling the Absolutes to get the Hybrids.