Am I a fat drummer?


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Let me start off by saying after years of eating, I love bread sticks, for the most part. I don't get pains and bloating. I don't break plates, but I've broken a couple turkey carcasses with my fork. I don't crack thrones (knock on wood). I can eat most of the classic food you see on food network.

I've never been through culinary school. I know a few recipes that I've taught myself, but I hardly spend any time practicing cooking on one of my two stoves that I own, even though there is ample opportunity for me to do so. I only cook 3 hrs. once a week on my stove for the most part. I might get a few minutes in during the week. Once in a while I'll eat out.

I've never done keto in fact. Not until I joined this forum and read how other people approach cooking and eating. I've always been a foodie in my mind, and I've eaten with some really talented individuals, but I don't eat near enough. I would if conditions were optimal, but they're not. My recipes, the few I know, are not blazing spicy. I don't think my dishes suffer too much though, but I could use some more flavor over my plate and work those in too for some extra flair and variety around the kitchen.

So I've been reading some responses to other peoples questions in here and I've decided that I am, in fact, a fat drummer and I need to learn eating using a diet and doing a progress journal to document my development. This will be my New Year's Resolution in addition to the other stuff I've mentioned. I want to feel like a real chef and a real chef knows his recipes, dammit.


You can change your diet, but that's only half the equation. The other half that no one ever wants to talk about is exercise. You need both in your life to effectively lose weight and keep it off. Simple math- burn more calories in the run of a day than you consume.

The last time I got my shit together, I lost 35 lbs in about 6 weeks, my stomach was flat as a board, and I did it without dieting at all, I just adjusted my diet a bit. I would eat as much as I wanted, but I started putting milk in my coffee instead of cream. I cut a bunch of sugar out of my diet (this part is really hard for about 2 weeks, after that you don't crave or miss sugar at all really), if I wanted something sweet, that usually meant eating a piece of fruit. I stopped eating white bread, white pasta, white rice. I still ate plenty of carbs at breakfast and lunch, but I would only eat whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, and whole grain rice that wasn't overly processed. I typically wouldn't eat much in the way of carbs at suppertime besides maybe a piece of bread and I would fill up mainly on protein and vegetables for my last meal of the day. I wouldn't eat anything after 7:00 pm.

Exercise- you want to do cardio for at least 45 mins a day. Lots of people do 30 mins of cardio everyday and wonder why they aren't losing weight. That's because it typically takes most people about a half-hour to burn up the glycogen stored up in your bloodstream. Until you do that you aren't burning any fat. My knees and hips won't put up with jogging more than 3 days a week, so I was running 7 km on Mon, Wed, Fri, and the other 4 days of the week I would power walk 4 kms. I could do either in about 40-45 mins.

Do that for 2 months and you'll lose 30-40 lbs guaranteed. You'll feel amazing too!


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Colaiuta was about 5' 8" and 200 lbs back in jr high and his nickname was fat Albert.

In his Sr year of high school he went on a diet and exercise plan given to him by the gym teacher and lost a lot of his spare tire

He's managed to keep the weight for over 40 years ,so it is quite possible with the right attitude.

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OK, I get it.

Now I'm outta here. Goodbye people! Good knowing you all. Screw you and your jokes Mr Pockets. This my last post.


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'Fat' is not a politically correct term.

Some people here might get offended. (See the current Classic Maple thread).
This is kinda funny. As I was curious (and tryin to be politically correct), I did a search for "Heavy Drummers". I got results of several heavy metal drummers.

Then I tried searching for "Big Drummers", I got results of "this biggest names in drumming from to 30's til today"..

I finally looked up "fat drummers" as obese didn't return much.

which brought me to lots of "Is drumming a cardio workout"?

I digress..



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no accounting for taste...

see what I did there?


<<crickets chirp>>

..fine...after all, I'M not fat...I'm big boned....and keep your hands out of my pockets you 'weinstien'!
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Horizontally challenged drummers come in all shapes and sizes.
I prefer to think of it as Gravitationally Challenged, but Horizontal works too.

Hey, everybody, I was just kidding earlier about leaving the forum. You're not getting rid of me that easy. Mwahahaha!