Always buy used except for .........


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I love eBay craigslist and guitar center for used gear, and I'm always buying cymbals and snare drums. The only thing I prefer new is bass drum pedals, I have always had bad luck buying them used. I have also bought my last two full drum sets brand-new, which with the blowout deals with some of these stores have it is almost a no-brainer. I want to be the one to put the first scratches on my toms. Is there anything you will not buy used?


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I have a pseudo system I use where I find exactly what I want new, and then spend two weeks looking for the same-exact thing used. If it doesn't look like I'm going to find it, or is something where I find the warranty offsets the price difference, I go new.


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We're talking just drums, right?

Used sticks or heads, but that's a duh. I'd say there's more good deals than ripoffs. But they are both out there. I have no problems with used cymbals, or almost anything else you can name. Instruments are a bargain if you try. Getting good at them is something altogether different. Electronics I can't speak intelligently about, but drums, hardware and cymbals can last a very very long time. Drums improve with age. The drums today will sound KILLER in 50 years.

Drum stuff lasts. The friggin bottom 2 teeth on my DW 5000 sprocket are worn to mere nubs now. They're almost gone. I don't even have to tighten stuff on that pedal. I can't remember the last time I oiled it. I've had it for 10 years now. I do try and tighten the screws every now and then but nothing budges. That pedal goes from cold to hot quick too.

There's no reason really to spend more than about 600 bucks on shell packs anymore. Unless you like non standard offerings and/or a lot of drums. If you know what you are doing with heads, tuning and (egad!) muffling, you have everything you could possibly need to get any variation of tone possible.

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Underwear! After that one incident I only buy those new...

I bought my Axis pedal used. These things are made to withstand a nuclear blast though. After the end comes it'll just be Keith Richards eating Twinkies, tapping on a Axis pedal and hanging out with roaches.

I did have so spend a little on some new parts, nothing major, but this thing plays like a brand new pedal.


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Most cymbals I buy are used.
I buy hardware new now. I find the cost difference isn't worth the effort.
About half the drums I've bought were new, and half were used.