alternatives to Roland VH-11 hi hat


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so I've been a proud owner of a roland TD9 for a number of years. Its a great solution to apartment practice, with decent feel and sounds. The only niggle I've had with the kit since I bought it (used) is the hi-hat. It came supplied with a non-Roland hi hat pad (brand HXM?!).

I'm now looking into getting the Roland VH11 (more realistic two-piece hi hat feel), however the cost of a used one, is around half the amount I paid for the kit in the first place! I'm wondering if there is another option out there, such as using another brand such as alesis or yamaha. Does anyone have any experience of this?


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2. You don't "need" moving hats. They were introduced to keep Luddite acoustic drummers happy. But if you like 'em, then buy all means, etc. (Ihave all sorts in my collection, moving, non-moving, and find the pedal on non-moving is more accurate with a greater degree of movement...)

I totally agree this. And I'm going even further: A hihat with a motion controller unit on a hihat stand will fail by construction: slightly open (nearly closed) sounds/playing will be muted and disturbed by pedal "chick" sound because of the jolt downwards resulting from a hard stroke though your foot hasn't moved...

There is a good controller pedal: Roland "FD9". I recommend using this with a pad of your choice (e.g. "CY8")

The Yamaha RHH135 is aweful and concerning Alesis:
Run, Forrest, run. Far, far away.
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