Alternative to Tama Rhythm Watch RW200?


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I need it less consistently than I used to, but I use a Tama RW200 on my kit at gigs to be sure the band gets song tempos right and to avoid the "stage adrenaline rush". I used the 30-spot programmable feature and my little personal system works great for me keeping things super groovey.

BUT, while the RW200 is perfect for my system, I'm finding that it is not very durable AT ALL. Just ordered my 3rd in as many years after taking them apart several times to fix broken plastic buttons because I need one for next weekend. Last night, the electronics were fritzing/shorting out so the unit worked only intermittently. Seems like the lifespan on the RW200 is 12-18 months tops with once or twice a week use.

What are other options that any of you use? I don't use in-ears. I'm not looking for an on-going click. I monitor on-going BPM with the LiveBPM app on my phone so I need another instrument to start off tempo unless I switch to a different phone app that does both. Ideas, recommendations?


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I settled on Pro Metronome programmed to stop after 2 measures and Live BPM. Wish someone made a combination of the two.


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I have an old Yamaha Clickstation that I love, but it has seen better days, and I'm wondering when it's going to fail altogether, which is unfortunate because they are no longer made.

I think the only thing about there that will offer the same kind of versatility as the Clickstation that is currently being made is the Boss DB90 or the Tama Rhythm watch, and they are all going to suffer the same problems - durability. I shouldn't complain - I bought the Clickstation in 2005, so it has lasted ok, but I'm going to be disappointed when it finally gives up and stops working.


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RW30 Mini Rhythm Watch is what I use for gigs.
BPM is set with a dial instead of a button so it's fast, I can change it between songs without the need to program a list of BPMs.
Tempo is shown by flashing LEDs, so I use those to count off and check back from time to time during the song to see if we're starting to rush.