Alternative to Speedking...?

scorch whammin

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I've just been over to the Axis website and had a dig around. Look like interesting pedals for sure.

I cant see how the hinge by the heel can be moved up the footboard though, but, the longboard ones have a small overhang at the back that I reckon I could easily extend with a few minutes on the drillpress and tap and die set.

Personally the A series looks a little over-complicated for me...I like having less adjustments to worry about so the X seems a better fit.

It's a shame there's literally almost zero UK distributors to go and try before I buy though.

As for the refurbed SKs, I hadn't considered that much, Ill go have a look into it now.

Thanks y'all!
Oops...just saw this...I was referring to the VDL adjustment at the front hinge of the pedal..sorry if that wasn't clear..adjusting the VDL allows for a different feel to how the beater strikes the head...


Senior Member I'm Tellin Ya True, This is the answer to anyone who has ever had the, "Speed King Blues" as I call it ...
I played a SK pedal for over 30 years, I loved it but it only took me so far. It has its limits.
I needed a change so I checked out every pedal on the planet. I settled on the Tama/ Camco pedal.
Try the Tama/ Camco pedal.
Trust me on this one, You will not be disappointed.

+1 for the Camco. I lucked into this pedal when I bought my Granstars back in the late 80's. It has been my main pedal ever since.

Good luck,


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I don't mind travelling a bit - this country isn't exactly big, but our roads suck. No rush anyway, just whenever you like. I'm sure there's other people struggling to find Axis over here too...I guess that's kinda why companies endorse people - to boost sales!
I'm sure boosting sales is why they endorse great drummers. I'm also sure they don't expect their sponsored drummers to track down distributors for potential customers in other countries. That's way above and beyond, kudos to Mr Roddy.


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That's how much they are around the States as well. It's actually cheaper than other newfangled modern pedals you're talking about. I'd just get another Speed King. I've tried a lot of different pedals and none of them feel like the SK. What works for you already works. I'd stick with it.

That's what I was thinking too. Most other new pedals are going to be at least that much, or more.
If the Speed King is what works best for someone, that's probably what they should stick with.

I like the Yamaha direct drive pedal that Shedboyxx linked to in post #5, and it's only a few bucks more at some places. But I've never owned a Speed King, so can't really compare them. And besides that, everyone has their favorite pedal, and you're always sure to find a lot of people who wouldn't choose that pedal for their self.

Pete Stoltman

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I recently purchased a refurbished Speed King from drummechanix and love it. Haven't had a Speedking for many years and thought I'd give it a try since they seem to have worked out the "bugs" that always plagued the stock SK pedals. It is fast, responsive, and quiet plus it's about as compact as can be. I like the compression spring feel. They only build on older Chicago era pedals which apparantly were built a little more sturdy than the more recent vintage Ludwigs. Nice powder coated finish and a very reasonable price tag to boot. If you are a fan of Speed Kings but want the "hot rod" version I would highly recommend giving it a try.