Alpine Custom Earplugs?

So, where i live custom earplug market is super limited. I have 2 choices basically. Alpine Custom Earplugs which include the 3 filters their Music Safe Pro come with (up to SNR 22) and the seller says he has sold these to many musicians and he thinks they should suit me. However, i find that an SNR 22 is way too low for the highest protection filter they offer, no? In general, alpines earplugs and their SNR really trouble me, because even their shooting earplugs come with a really low SNR for what a shooter needs, yet they are advertised as such. Same for musicians plugs. The deal for them seems sweet (160 euros for 3 filters , custom), but i am leaning towards my other option of getting 1 custom plug with its filter (180 euros) and ordering an extra filter (probably -15 and -25 db protection, the lower one for practice/rehearse , the other for lives) from another company although it may be more expensive.
I was really hoping someone could inform me since its my first custom plug pair. I believe though that paying a little more for your ears to be protected is always worth, since its the only pair you will get.
Thanks in advance!


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Have been using the Music Safe Pro's for a few years now. Suit me fine. I am already 80% deaf though :(


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I don't know what non-custom options you've tried, but if you're skeptical about the amount of noise reduction being enough you may want to try something less expensive first. I use Earasers and I really like them. They don't reduce decibels by a whole lot, but they do a very good job of reducing volume without killing frequencies unnaturally. What you hear still sounds natural, just a little quieter. Most importantly they fit well and are pretty comfortable. I have no problem wearing them for hours at a time if I need to.