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For you guys into melodic technical death metal. Re-posted from another forum:

ALLEGAEON (Metal Blade Records) looking....

We are recording our sophomore album this december and have some solid touring in the next year so please keep this in mind. Check out these tunes of ours and if you think you can (honestly) play this then please hit us up. We would prefer people to submit videos. Looking for drummers who at least trigger the kick or are willing to start triggering the kicks. No DUI's (cant travel to certain countries) No excessive drug use, dont be a dick, etc etc, the usual.

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Hello, my name is Joe, I've been playing drums for 14 years, I play in a local AZ band called HYPATIA. I use triggers and click ALWAYS, live and studio as well. I have a great work ethic and free to travel considering my job and bills. I play a wide range of music which I feel helps the writing progress. I got a DUI last year (blew a .08 just at the legal limit, damn swine!) it was reduced to a reckless driving. I dont know the protocol on that issue, below is a link to one of our demos you can browse from there if you would like, Thanks and hope to hear back.