All wood kits, all metal kits, what about...


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A kit made of stone. Maybe a granite kit would be nice. Or a solid limestone kit. Combines the warmth of magma with the resonance of a cave.


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Do you have a hammer and a chisel? If so, find a rock and go for it!
I want to see you carry your kit out of the club after a gig!


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thats kinda funny, i was joking with a friend a few days ago about making a drum kit out of concrete....


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Crackers as cymbals. Of Course! Too much fun!

On an unrelated note, if someone would make a square drum...with square drum heads obviously, I often wonder if it would sound similar to a round drum. I think so.

But who knows?


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Perlite has "sound deadening capabilities". I dont think thats a quality you want in a snare.
It certainly would be an interesting sounding drum! I wonder what would happen if a lot of fiberglass fibers were in the mix? They may make it resonate.
I have banged on a 12 inch concrete pipe that was 3 feet long and it made a weird sound. It wasn't perlite and there were no heads on it.