All Parallels Reunion


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a band called All Parallels who spent a decade putting out records and tirelessly touring the country engaging in all sorts of debauchery and excess.
After laying dormant since disbanding in July of 2009 they've reconvened older and fatter for a one time quarantine remote collaboration.
Never let anyone tell you pigs don't fly.
#pigsfly #hellfreezesover #AllParallels



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Good song. A lot of talent there. Your fill leading into the solo was brilliant.

I liked the picture montage at the end.

No talk of regrouping?


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There's a lot of energy left in the tank there. I found myself really digging the performance and the song, even though it's way away from stuff I would usually enjoy - says something about the quality on offer :)