All hail King Bernhard!!


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Ok i have to be serious for a moment, this thread is for everyone to show their appreciation for Bernhard Castilioni. The man who made this site. I have only been a member here for a few short weeks, but I have gained more knowledge in these few weeks about drumming than I have in the years prior. I've gotten to see posts from professional drummers, studio drummers, casual drummers, and even beginners. The wealth of knowledge found within these forums is mind boggling, and I haven't even read a fraction of what is here. And all of this is posiible because Barnhard decided to make a web page. Even better, he sits in here and chats it up with people too! Some of you who have been here for awhile have made comments to the effect that the boards just aren't what they used to be, they aren't alive anymore. Well, from someone who just joined these boards are alive and well. I can post any question or comment and people will have responded typically within a few hours. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Bernhard. You are the f*ck*ng man!!