Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit vs Roland TD 9SX



Hi everyone,

I am a complete drum newbie and since my house is wall to wall with the house next to it, an electronic drum set is the only way for me to go. I've narrowed it down to two choices, but need some help in more pros and cons of both.

The Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit:

The Roland TD 9SX:

Three of my biggest concerns that someone who has tried both or either can hopefully address:

Now the Alesis is WAY cheaper than the Roland. ~$800 vs. $2500. I would totally go for the Alesis if it is as quiet as the Roland and this I don't know. I would think it is louder than the Roland simply because it uses real drum heads and cymbals (with 'silencers'), but hopefully someone who has used the Alesis can confirm or dis-confirm that.

Also the people at the Guitar Center said the biggest advantage the Roland has is the 'brain' or module which has great playback, recording, different drum kits etc. capabilities. And the Alesis comes with no brain (only a USB output). So...does anyone know of a software that can compliment the Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit that will be comparable to the Roland TD 9SX brain?

Lastly, are you able to change the drum kits (or sounds, don't know the proper terminology) for the Alesis like you can do for the Roland, Roland has over 50 different drum kit (sounds).

Any help would be great.



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i would go for the roland of you have the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
with roland you get quialty and basically everything you could want on a ekit.

secondly have you looked at yamaha eletric drums?
they are cheaper than the rolands but they still are one of the best eletric drum makers!!



Bfd should work with the Alesis. But yeah, a bit incovenient since you need a laptop or a pc to use it. The TD-9 I think has variable hi-hat & 3 zone ride.


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Well after many nights of research both on the computer and in the stores I have only one word for you:...



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Don't know about the Alessi, but I've just bought a Roland TD 9.

I've been playing for years and it's all I want from an electronic kit based in the house.

Fantastic sounds and variation possibilities. Great music to play along to - and you can record yourself.

As someone else wrote, if you can afford it, buy it...