Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition


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Has anyone bought the Strike Pro Special Edition? How is it? Is it better quality than the normal Strike Pro? I know the original hi hat was poor quality but did the original Strike Pro have any other issues? Have they been fixed it improved in the Special Edition?


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Looks quite nice and the sizes are great BUT the look of this thing promises more then it can keep. Alesis has loads of issues and I assume this will stay forever. One big is latency: audio and midi (as the midi latency is a unbelievably lame you even cannot use it as a midi controller for computer). And a hihat with a motion controller unit on a hihat stand will fail by construction: slightly open (nearly closed) sounds/playing will be muted and disturbed by pedal "chick" sound because of the jolt downwards resulting from a hard stroke though your foot hasn't moved... and the Alesis hihat is probably the last of those hihat stand things I would want to play.;)


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The price is quite striking. Probably how they came up with the name. When I was seriously considering an exit, even though my experience with them have mostly been negative, the Alesis was unbelievably flawed. I thought it had just been beat to death on the GC floor, though it didn’t look it. The cheap Roland next to it was way more responsive, but still unacceptable.
I played the same kit at another GC and same issues. Hats and ride are unresponsive. Snare was okay, but while it had dynamics, it sounded more like a misfiring machine gun.
I agree with Arne. Run!