Alesis Nitro Size and Storage


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I'm thinking of buying the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit. I am trying to work out if it will easily fit in my house and also fold up for storage but can only find general/approx answers to this.

I appreciate that the size will depend on exactly how it is set up but can anyone tell me the individual lengths of the 3 cross bars?

And also, how easy is it to fold up for storage? The Alesis website has a video for the turbo kit, The main video on the turbo page towards the end, which shows it folded up being tucked away. Can the nitro be folded in the same way? How easy is this to do? and does anyone have a photo of it folded? Once again what is the size of this?

Many thanks to anyone who has the time to assist on these questions.



I saw someone playing one of those in a pub last week and it looked like a cage of scaffolding - it doesn't look as if it's designed to fold compactly - that four-legged structure would never lie flat. Presumably the legs on the Turbo just fold inwards and you're halfway there. Sorry I can't tell you the crossbar lengths. 'Compact' kits are fine up to a point, but I looked at both the Roland TD1KPX2 (or whatever number it now has) and the Carlsboro CSD130 (which seems to be a copy of the Roland's frame design) and added up the number of operations it took to fold them up - loosen this, fold that, tighten the other - and lost the will to live when I'd counted 29. The coolest-looking compact kit I've seen is the NUX DM-1, but I doubt if it's worth the £400 asking price.