Alesis Nitro Mesh to Simmons Amp noob question


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I apologize in advance for being a dumb guitar player ;)

I got my son an Alesis Nitro Mesh kit a few months ago to start learning drums on, and just scored a good deal on a used Simmons DA200S amplifier. However, the Nitro Mesh docs say that the 1/4" stereo outs on the drum module are TRS, and the 1/4" inputs on the amp don't say anything at all about TRS vs TS in the Simmons docs, or online. What cables do I need to connect these two, or are they fundamentally mismatched?

Thanks for any advice, I'd like to have my bass amp back ;)


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This comes up regularly :)

There's a mistake in the Alesis user pamphlet. The outputs are TS. Mono. (it says one thing on the illustration page, and a different thing on the specs page. And no - they aren't balanced outs.)

The Simmons states it's a stereo amp - so use two x any old guitar cable (TS, mono) from the Alesis into the amp.
(or just one from the mono out to the mono in if you like!)
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My Roland PM-10 has TRS inputs, not for balanced signals but for L/R stereo signals. The amp combines the left and right signals so you don’t lose any of the panned sounds. For that amp you use a TRS to TRS 1/4” cable.
I’m guessing the Simmons could be the same, but I’d need to find a manual to confirm.


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Looking up manuals, you can connect them a few ways. The easiest is a single TS guitar lead from the L/mono out to the L/mono in, as electrodrummer suggested. If you want stereo sound, use two guitar leads, also as suggested.