ALESIS Drums??? Really???


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I am so disappointed!!!
I purchased one of your Alesis DM8 USB kits as an early retirement gift to myself after 20 years of active duty service.
I made my purchase on March 6th 2012. On Apr 4th 2012 I contacted a representative Devin Lopes. Who was very helpful and instructed me on how to turn in my non working ride cymbal and kick pad. On May 1st 2012 I sent all the information required to start the repair / replacement process. A week later I sent my non functioning ride cymbal and kick pad in. I had moved since my original purchase and lined through all the old address info I sent with the cymbal and kick pad. I replaced the old address with my new current address.
On the July 6th 2012 I again emailed representative Devin Lopes. Asking where my items were? He was great and called my right away. He explained that the items were sent out and returned because they were sent to the old address. He said he would get them sent back out to my new address the following Monday.
On July 17th 2012 I received a call from FED EX trying to find me at my old address with 2 packages. FED EX made the address correction and sent my items to me the next day. I finally received my two boxes and was very excited to be able to play my Alesis kit again. HOWEVER! I wasn’t sent the right items. I was sent 2 ride cymbals and NO kick pad. PLUS now even my Hi hats are acting up!!!!!
Four months ago I was extremely excited about this company and the electric drum products you offer. Now, I’m disappointed and so frustrated and still unable to use the kit that I may just sell it and work on getting a Roland kit instead.


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Yea i heard a few complaints about that brand before i was looking at a model a dm 10 pro or some thing like that. but i guess all brands could have problems but i hear more about alesis than any other.
the guy at guitar center told me to avoid that. i was suprised they usally just try to sell you anything. i look at roland and yamaha kits in my price range. under 1000.00

the roland newer model a 11tdk i belive and a yamaha dtx 500 and a 520.

i ended up with a dtx 500 and a simmions 50 amp. i could have got the yamaha 520 but i would not have a amp. i liked the snarepad on the roland but did not like the preprogramed sounds . the yamaha had to me way better sounds and would be cheaper to upgrade in the future than the roland, the alesis dm10 pro is still there on clearance for 799.00.


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Alesis is a joke. Wal-mart kiddy stuff. With e-drums, it's Roland or nothing IMHO.
Well, they're like the budget e-drums. I have (I say this loosely) a DM6 which hardly works. You get what you pay for.

Yamaha, 2box, and Roland are pretty much it as far as modules go. Jobeky and Diamond make some pretty amazing sets though.


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Alesis is a joke. Wal-mart kiddy stuff. With e-drums, it's Roland or nothing IMHO.
IMHO, it is actually three -- Hart Dynamics, Roland and Yamaha (the higher end kits). I agree that Alesis stuff is lightweight. That unfortunantly includes their other products as well (not just drums).

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You're complaining about their drums? I saw that company grow from the beginning and I was never impressed with anything they made. They did start out great with giving the world the first good-sounding affordable digital reverb, and I even keep one of their later PicoVerbs linked to my mixing console, but everything else was just crap (even their vaunted ADAT system). They should just stick to reverb units, those work out well.


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My Alesis DM8 Pro works superbly after about six months of constant rehearsal, practice, and two gigs.

People at the two gigs could not believe that the sound belted out was that of an electronic drum kit.

Just goes to show....
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The previous studio I taught at had the DM8. Piece of crap. The ride cymbal pad died after 1 month. The rest of the pads were not picking up ghost notes. After pretty much memorizing the owner's manual and contacting Alesis product help line, and getting no where ... I came to the opinion that Alesis is no good. Better to fork out the extra money for a Yamaha or Roland.


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I've got the dm6, it was fine for a couple of months but feel I've totally outgrown it.

And as for the snare, don't get me started, you have to hit it really hard..the rim shot is rubbish too.

I wish I bought a Roland, my next purchase me thinks ;)


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Mine better not let me down this Friday now you lot have cursed Alesis....
Only thing Eleccy Drums lack is stage presence....but I'll be hidden behind our fat bastard of a guitarist anyway :)


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I have the DM10 and am very impressed with the PRO quality of it. I like the fact that I can easily add 2 layers to each pad to get the ideal sound.

I especially love the 12 inputs so I have enough for toms and cymbals. I would easily rate this with the earlier Roland Modules (anything before TD20)


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I just purchased the Alesis DM8 Pro, and have set it up. One of the 12" pads (I happened to place it as the floor tom instead of the snare) registered strikes, but only barely. I took it apart (there are several vids on YouTube that show how to change the pads to mesh), and discovered that the plastic disc attached to the metal plate had completely fallen off it's sticky tapes that held it to the plate. So I re-attached, and voila, the response is what is expected. Then I noticed the 8" tom pad was registering only medium-well, so I figured that maybe it too was not assembled as it should be. I took it apart, and discovered that everything was in place. So I made some adjustments in the brain so that it was a sensitive as the rest of the pads.

Bottom line: check out the internal working of the pads to make sure all is as it should be.

Now it seems that the brain is registering local hits even though I've re-initialized it and turned local hits off. Hmmmmmmm


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Ok, so after restarting both my laptop and Alesis DM brain, I got the brain to respond to Midi, but only with Local set to On! Which is backwards to how it should work! I can't get it to NOT respond to local triggers! Oh well, that'll have to do for now...