Alesis DM10


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Anyone had any experience with the new Alesis DM10 module. I like the looks and the price of the DM10. Our church has Roland td4sx and I am not overly impressed by them. The kit selection is limited and so is the expandability. Only had one extra plug to add additional cymbal..One thing I really do not like is the wiring harness with the td4. Should one cable go out, you are stuck buying a whole new harness. Please give your thought...


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Im selling my DM 10 as I find the pads very unrealistic. Have had it for a year and just cant get used to it.
I think the next purchase is going to be a 2 Box or TD9KX2


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I have a DM10 & hate it with an absolute passion. The pads are dire & break on a regular basis. Had to replace both the Bass & Snare pads with Roland ones just to get some reliability.

One of the worst purchases I have ever made.