Alesis DM10 pro yay or nay?


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Right, it's come to this - my band want to sound as good live as possible and as close to our recordings as possible, we've always just mic'd the kit but, they want that sound associated with metak. Basically that fake, machine like consistency.
It's not the volume of my playing that's the problem it's just the bass drum doesn't sound as good for this style when it's not exactly the same.
I have to say I agree with them, for our budget and ease of use it will be easier to.get that.sound triggering than by miking.
I'm fairly experienced with electronic kits, got 2 yamahas, record with them, even made my own multi-dynamic samples from my acoustic kit. I'll be keeping the dynamics so it's a hybrid between real and fake and that's as much as I'm willing to give.

I don't want to lug a laptop around triggering superior drummer. The Alesis seems to sound far more real than rolands (overpriced) efforts and the fact you can upload your own samples would mean I could eliminate the need for superior drummer so less things to go wrong.

Anyone got one of these or had a good go on one? What are they like? do you think I should get one?

Also, just how customisable are the options for uploading your own samples? Can I create multi-layered velocity sensitive samples and how many layers per trigger?



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IMO you get what you pay for, rolands may seem over priced, but they offer some really great features and i havent found an alesis brain that compares at all.

Why not go for the metal or lexan plate to get the kick sounding more "clicky"?


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I've used clickers on and off but they feel awful, and they don't sound great either. Plus I snap them!

I believe you get what you pay for too but watching the TD30 on youtube made my heart sink. it costs as much as a brand new small car and sounds terrible still. It has amazing hardware and great features but, it doesn't sound as real as the Alesis to me. not even nearly.
I'd just like to know more from people who've tried it. what the response is like etc. i know they'll probably all respond similarly with triggers but any potential problems.

And mainly what the custom sample options are like 'cos if I can create my own multi layered velocity sensitive samples then it's hands down better than anything Roland can sell me.
Can't seem to find that info anywhere though.
I have a suspicion that it'll be prettt weak.... :(


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Normally, I'd say stay away and stick with the Roland/Yamaha products.

BUT if you are ONLY going to triggering the bass drum(s), then I think the Alesis is fine.

When I worked at GC many, many years ago, most of the people who were buying the Alesis modules were doing it just for the purpose of bass drum triggering.


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I have 2 Yamaha modules. an old DTX 3 and DTX pro. I'd be triggering my whole kit, my DTX 3 pnly offers a 2 layer x-fade velocity sensitive sample, the Alesis seems to have more than 2 sounds for the whole velocity range but I don't know for sure.

Plus the Yamaha sounds are so fake, they're terrible.

I need to know so that way I can keep my kit sounding as natural as possible.
And like I said before I need to know if the custom samples I can upload onto the Alesis can be velocity sensitive and trigger different samples per velocity number.
Does anyone know if you can? and if so, how many samples can I have in a velocity curve?


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I never liked the Alesis sounds at all. The DM10 is notorious for being a module that nobody really likes that much; difficult to configure and doesn't sound/respond as well as some of the other ones out there. Sounds aren't that important if you're going to be using a software sound-set like EZ-Drummer or the like... All in all, it sounds like you're going to be lining things up to a click and replacing the sounds anyway.

What are you recording into?


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I just find it odd that youre looking to get more realistic sounds by triggering your acoustic kit, i went through this with my band when we were doing some recording .etc, and i ended up spending a weekend trying different head combos until i got close to the sound, but maintained the realism of my acoustic kit.

Sounds like youve made up your mind on the Alesis module, so you should go pick it up and play with it and see what happens, there are quite a few software suites that will provide semi-realistic sounds