Alesis DM10 MKII and Strike Pro


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So after about 20-25 years, i am going to pick drumming up again.
I was a kid when I played so I am just doing some research right now.
I was going to go with one of these two sets, based on the extra tom/cymbal and more importantly price.
Keeping an eye out for second hand as well.

Anyone own the DM10 MKII?
Does the Strike Pro still have issues with the hihat and heads breaking, or has any of this been resolved?

I will not be playing in a band, or recording anything. I just used to love to play, learn new stuff and play along to my favorite songs.
Roland would be nice, I get it, but I just can't afford the kit that is similar (extra tom and cymbal like the TDK-30kv)


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For your purposes the DM10 is probably enough. BUT, if you're shopping these two then I'd go Strike Pro for sure, just for the module.

I can't comment on the pads breaking, I don't have the full kit.
I bought a Strike Performance module to use with my A2E. Then I went and paired it with a full set of Strike Pro cymbals I grabbed used on Reverb.

About the hi-hat ... it is indeed bad. I just ordered a Goedrum controller. I've heard good things about that.

So I know that the Strike Pro SE comes with an upgraded/different hi-hat. It's top cymbal and controller, like a VH-10/11. But what I'm unsure of is whether or not the regular Strike Pro (which I think is what you're shopping) comes with this new hat. The photos on any of the dealer websites indicate it doesn't. But to me that would be really strange to fix the issues with a new design but only offer it on the high-end model. Might want to figure that out with a call to Alesis.


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I have the DM10 older versions and if i look at the MKII, it's not a real upgrade. I also read that you can't expand it as much as the older version with the old module. Very limiting to what you can do with it. I would go for a Strike Pro just for the sizes of the 'drums'. Can't stand 8 and 10" pads. With the Strike Pro you get real sizes (8 up to 14"), a better module that you can also expand upon (there are several tutorials on YouTube on how you can add extra pads/triggers/cymbals by using a splitter).
Be sure though to upgrade to new firmware when you get the kit so you'd get the best settings and improvements (noticeably the hihat).


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I have a DM10 Studio Mesh kit & the pads are crap. The Bass & Snare pads break just by looking at them they are that weak. I have now upgraded both of these to Roland pads.