Alesis Crimson II MIDI weirdness


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Hello all,

I have a Crimson II kit connected to my High Sierra MacBook Pro using Logic Pro 10.3.2 via a Roland Octa-Capture (Using Crimson Module's MIDI in and out ports, not the usb port)
Apart from the common tied open-close hi hat on note 8 issue I am having another problem.

Recording into Logic seems fine, logic receives and records all the midi notes the module is sending but when I play it back some of the sounds are different. For example, Tom 1 sends a D2 into Logic but if I send a D2 from Logic (or play a D2 on my keyboard) the module plays a rim sound! Same thing happens with tom 2. I also notice that the module sends a G#-2 when hitting an open hi hat but to trigger the same sound from the module I have to play an A#1 on my keyboard.

Anyone having and possibly solving the issue?

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