"Alarm Clock" bell needed - Does/did any company make one?


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Hi All,

I'm looking for an "alarm clock" bell percussion accessory to use during the Beatles songs "A Day In The Life" and "I Am The Walrus". I already have an MP3 of the sound effect but I'd rather use an actual ringing bell that starts and stops with the push of a button. Does or did any company make this? I've done a web search without any success.


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A real alarm clock? An egg timer that has the desired sound?
Actuating them is the trick. You could build your own electric one out of a small bell and clapper type bell found at electrical supply stores, or possibly convert it to battery powered

I'll make you one for $100.00 USD.


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Looks like we have a bidding war.

The last time I used one I used a real alarm clock but, your right, it's a little tricky.


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Try a shiny clerk's bell. I used to have one mounted to my set.

Or, just buy a cheap alarm clock and remove the bell, re-mount it on a machine bolt and play it with a small metal bar. You should be able to re-mount the bell on the clock when you are done.


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Flea market, pawn shop, antique store, office supply for the hotel desk type bell as per DMG suggestion.