Al Foster is The Greatest


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Last year, at the start of the COVID horror, my wife and I --anticipating the coming months-- bought a big flat-screened television with sound system to go with it. Didn't know what I was missing. My wife goes to bed early. I punch up You Tube and play vids of my favorite musicians. For the last two nights I've been listening to Joe Henderson, the trio he had with Dave Holland and Al Foster. Watching the vid on the telly with the superior sound brought me to a new level of appreciation of Al Foster. The way he listens, serves the music, but exhibits mastery and technique as well. For living drummers, Al, Roy, and Jack D. are the Three Kings of jazz drumming. Punch up You Tube and write in Joe Henderson y todavia la quiero and see a great drummer play perfectly.


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My main experience listening to Foster is his stuff with Henderson and of course his time with Miles Davis, both pre- and post-retirement.

Here's a brief clip of him with Sonny Rollins, not only playing great but looking so damn cool at the same time:



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I am still mad at him for sending one of his students to play with joe henderson the last time I saw him, in seattle-- joe henderson, george mraz... and a bad student drummer stepping on everything
Ooh that’s a drag. He was deep in it at the time but man, that’s a bummer


I just saw Al at the village vanguard for two sets. Peter Bernstein, Doug Weiss and Sullivan Fortner.

I sat 2 feet from Al's hi hat all night. Talked to him for 45 minutes.

Yes. Al is my favorite drummer and there is no doubt he is the greatest. No contest.