AKG D5 - Good for Snare and/or Toms?


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I was gifted an AGK D5. I'd never heard of these, but apparently after much internet researching, this is a competitor of the Shure SM58, and it is geared towards vocals. There is not a lot of info out there on using one for drums.

Anyone ever use one of these for drums? Snare or toms? Experiences?




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It seems a bit clunky for the snare but will most likely do the job I'd say. It's comparably hot, so you need a pad on your preamp. Huge SPL, so no problems when hitting hard. It's definitely worth a test if it compliments your snare/style, although I haven't used it for drums by now.


Cardioid or hypercardioid should work just fine if there's any difference in EQ you can fix it with equalization on each track remember cutting is better than adding decibels when you're trying to flatten it out or add wherever there's a deficiency


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This is a very well regarded mic, instrument dynamics are always said to be fine for snare and rack toms. I've heard that some AKG windscreend are glued vs threaded, so that may be a concern if it takes a whack from a stick on your snare.