Ajax by Boosey & Hawkes......


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Anyone of you play the snare drums they were making back in the 50s/60s? I've played B & H clarinets and they are high quality instruments, but don't know about the drums they made. I've heard they are as good as Premier, which I have played. Guy in town has an Ajax B & H birch snare drum for sale and want to know what to expect before I travel across town to check it out.


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Didn't they make the english Rogers? They were probably quality drums at the time I suppose.

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I understand that B&H Ajax drums had Rogers hardware. They stopped making drums in 1970 and distributed the awesome Beverley drums that were made at the Premier factory... ? If the drum is in good shape, might be worth a cheeky punt?(y):cool: [EDIT: Ajax snare drums usually go for around £150]
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