Air drumming anyone?


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Hopefully not a D-World member! :ROFLMAO: :oops::rolleyes::unsure:

NOT a fan of perverts but reading the story sounds like circumstantial evidence based on what someone perceived and not what they actually saw. Wow. The guy looks like he might have a hard time having a hard time so it’ll be interesting to see if they can get a conviction. Maybe he was trying to get caught


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Sure he has a history of perversion but I don’t see why they have to give him a “hard” time. It’s not a stick up ....,,,,wait?????? Poor fella all he’s got is air drumming cause his RocNSoc piston done gone flat cause it ain’t got any gas in it. Sounds like good lyrics for a country song. I wonder what song he was playing too? We should start a GoFundMe page to help him buy a kit so we can keep him out of jail . I never realized I could be arrested for air drumming AND all thos time I thought people we’re laughing at me air drumming not me noodling.WTH
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He is a LIAR! Everyone knows we drum on the steering wheel, not your knees when in the car. Pervert trying to front as a drummer to get out of trouble is not cool. Throw the book at him lol.